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Our Services as Wedding Photographers in Delhi

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Capturing Cherished Wedding Moments

At SnapBlendz, as leading wedding photographers in delhi ncr, we preserve the magic and beauty of your wedding day, our professional wedding photography and videography services are dedicated to capturing every cherished moment. With a blend of artistry and technical expertise, our team ensures that your love story is immortalized in stunning visuals.


From the intricate details to the grandest celebrations, we provide full-day or partial-day coverage, offering a seamless combination of photography and videography services. Trust us to create a visual masterpiece that reflects the uniqueness of your love and creates memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.


Discover all the details about our services below and see how we can capture the magic of your special day.

Full-day or partial-day photography and video coverage

Capture every moment of your special day with our flexible coverage options. Whether you need us for the full day or just a few hours, we’ll be there to document all the joy and love shared on your wedding day.

Engagement photos and video shoots

Celebrate your love story with a personalized engagement photoshoot or video shoot. Let us capture the excitement and anticipation leading up to your wedding, creating beautiful memories that reflect your unique journey.

pre-wedding photographer and videographer

Pre-wedding photography and cinematic Bollywood-style films

Elevate your wedding experience with pre-wedding photography and cinematic films inspired by Bollywood. We’ll create stunning visuals that showcase your love and bring your dream wedding to life.


Transforming moments with top-notch video editing services for both traditional and cinematic wedding videos.

Candid, traditional story photography

Our candid and traditional photography style captures the genuine emotions and spontaneous moments of your wedding day. Let us tell your love story through timeless images that you’ll cherish forever.

Cinematic and documentary-style videography

Experience your wedding day through the lens of our expert videographers. Our cinematic and documentary-style videos capture the essence of your celebration, preserving the laughter, tears, and special moments.

Multiple camera setup for wedding photo & video coverage

Every smile, every glance, perfectly captured from every angle. SnapBlendz, your wedding photographers in Delhi NCR, use advanced gear to craft comprehensive memories of your special day.

Professional audio recording of vows and speeches

Relive the heartfelt moments of your wedding ceremony with crystal-clear audio recordings of your vows and speeches. We ensure that every word is captured with utmost clarity and emotion.

Aerial drone footage for stunning perspectives

Take your wedding memories to new heights with breathtaking aerial drone footage. Our skilled drone operators capture stunning perspectives of your venue and surroundings, adding an extra touch of magic to your wedding film.

Online galleries for easy sharing and downloading

Share your wedding memories effortlessly with our convenient online galleries. Easily view, download, and share your photos with friends and family, making it a breeze to relive and celebrate your wedding day.

Custom-designed wedding photo albums

Preserve your cherished memories in a custom-designed wedding album. Our expert designers create stunning albums that beautifully showcase the highlights of your wedding day, providing a tangible keepsake to treasure.

Prints and enlargements

Turn your favourite wedding photos into stunning prints and enlargements. Display them in your home or give them as meaningful gifts to loved ones, ensuring your special moments are always within reach.

Additional photographers and videographer for comprehensive coverage

To ensure comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, we provide additional photographers and a videographer. This guarantees that every angle, emotion, and detail is captured, creating a comprehensive and unforgettable visual story.

Customized Packages for Your Unique Tastes and Budgets!

We understand that every couple has unique preferences and budgets. That’s why we offer customizable packages, allowing you to choose the services that align with your vision and budget, ensuring your wedding memories are perfect for you.